Blade runner

In Blade Runner there is a chaotic street level where the masses crowd and right at the top is the police station, which is shown in the above still. Also high up is the pyramid building where the creator of the replicants, Tyrell – lives. It is only up here that daylight can be seen, showing that this is a privilege only shared by the wealthy.

The film mixes old buildings such as Los Angeles’ Bradbury Building, and adds elements like neon props to create a futuristic setting. Interestingly this was partly a result of limited production costs that prevented the crew from building brand new sets. This technique of mixing old with new helps give the impression of a run-down city, crumbling under the weight of its own commercialism. Polluted and overpopulated, its decaying state can be considered a result of economic excess.

In Blade Runner both Pris and Zora are sexualised as they are strippers and pleasure models they both wear little clothing and are there for the male gaze. Both characters are killed by Deckard this portrays women as weaker than the males.

However Rachel is portrayed as stronger as she kills Leon and saves Deckard just as he is about to be killed by Leon.

This implies that Rachel is stronger than Deckard.



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