City of god- context

City of god-


Directed by- Fernando Meirelles

Release date- 2002

Country – Brazil


Director provides a glimpse into a otherwise out of bounds world in Rio.

City of god is an example of Rios seaside favelas built in the 1960s to move poor people mostly black as far away from the wealthy beaches as possible.

Riddled with a corrupt police force and out of control drugs culture these notorious favelas were governed by their own rules and were a society in their own right.

Youth gangs took over the slums during the 1960s and didn’t relinquish their stronghold until the mid 1980s.

The city of gods youth quickly took up armed robbery graduating to cocaine dealing in the 1970s and mass gang warfare in the early 1980s.

Who was in government?

Brazilian military government ruled brazil from 1964 to 1985.

What was the average wage?

$113.30 monthly minimum wage in 1961. The 1991 real average monthly minimum wage was less than one-third of the already low 1961 minimum wage.


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