Sound and editing within LA LA land-


Tom Cross – Editor

Experimental approach

Two distinct editing styles

Staccato cutting pattern- Name given to a series of short take close ups creating a claustrophobic atmosphere.


The music and lyrics reveal a lot about the characters.

City of stars-

City of stars could refer to Hollywood

“that our dreams may finally come true could imply that they can both help each other fulfil their dreams”

“a rush a glance a touch a dance” could refer to the times they first met each other

“you never shined so brightly” could imply that meeting each other have made their lives better.

Opening freeway scene Dinner scene
Few cuts Shot reverse shot to show conversation between Seb and Mia
Smooth editing More cuts
Camera spinning into next shot Faster cuts
Long takes Transition between over the shoulder shot to close up shows that they have become separated and isolated. This can create a claustrophobic atmosphere.
The title of the film acts as a overture which is a key convention of musicals.

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