Colour in La La land



In La La land yellow often reflects change this can be seen when Seb and Mia are dancing for the first time and Mia is wearing a yellow dress this could imply that there is about to be a change in their relationship as all their encounters in the film have been negative up to this point.

Yellow is also shown when Keith approaches Seb in the bar and asks him to join his band Keith is wearing a yellow turtleneck in this scene this implies that there will be a change in Sebs career and life if he joins Keith’s band.


mia audition

Blue often reflects successful Hollywood that surrounds both Seb and Mia this is shown in Mias first audition scene when she covers up a coffee spillage with a bright blue coat. The lighting I this scene also has a blue hue to it again suggesting that she is surrounded by successful Hollywood and the American dream but never seems to achieve it.


In La La land the colour red is used as a manifestation of reality. This can be seen in one of Mias unsuccessful auditions where she is wearing a red jacket this could imply that her career is failing as even though she thinks she’s a actress she is only a barista. The colour red is also shown when Seb is wearing a red jacket in the 80s cover band when he realises that he is no longer a “serious musician”.

Red is again shown during the concert when Seb is playing for Keith and Keith is wearing a red jacket this could imply that Seb is not happy with the music he’s playing even though he is in a successful band with a steady income.

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