Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958)

The motif of spirals are present from the opening sequence and could foreshadow Scotties spiral into insanity. Madeline’s hair also spirals and could imply that she is responsible for Scotties downfall.

How is Scottie represented?-

Scottie is initially represented as brave and courageous as he is seen running across rooftops in the opening sequence of the film however he is seen as weak when he is unable to reach up to the police officer who then falls to his death this leaves Scottie with vertigo. This phobia of heights is a repeated motif throughout the film which Elster exploits as he knows he wont be able to make it to the top of the tower as he kills his wife.

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How is midge represented?-

Midge is not represented as a stereotypical feminine character as she has a job and is looking after Scottie and helping him recover from his vertigo and attempts to keep him in reality as he becomes obsessed with Madeline. However over time she does become obsessed with Scottie herself.

midgeHow is Elster represented?-

Elster is represented as a successful business man who married into the company and is of a high social class this can be seen through his expensive office furniture. He manipulates Scottie to be a witness to his wife’s death when it was in fact murder.


Vertigo context-

Vertigo had a budget of $2,479,000 and earned a box office $7.3 million.

Was one of the first feature length films to be filmed in Technicolor.





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