Captain fantastic


In the opening scenes extreme long shots establish the location away from civilisation and show that the family love their own life isolated in the country.

The bright colour pallet and the bright coloured clothing that they all wear could suggest that they live a happier life away from society than those following tradition.




Hair is symbolic throughout the film both Bo and Ben shave throughout the film and this connotes a change in their life.

The cash family wear brightly coloured costume throughout and this could suggest that they live a different lifestyle and when they enter civilisation they are seen as outsiders.


Ben’s hallucination scenes are a contrast to all the other scenes in the film as they feature softer lighting and angelic non-diagetic music as well as a fading transition to give these scenes a other worldly aesthetic.



Diagetic music is used to represent Rellians rebellion as he uses a drum to interrupt bens acoustic guitar however he adapts and makes the song more fast paced and the family joins in.

The use of a acoustic version of Guns and Roses sweet child of mine suggests that they do acknowledge popular culture but make it their own.

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